Valley Forge is proud to announce that we have partnered with Curtiss-Wright to bring our industry-leading load indicating fastener technology to the nuclear and general power generation industries.

It is our passion to see the evolution of the bolted joint where the accurate assembly and our continuous load monitoring capabilities reduce the potential for premature wear, expensive downtime, and catastrophic joint failure. We believe that this new and exciting partnership will help to do just that.

The partnership will take our patented load verifying technologies and pair them with the bolting and sealing solutions offered by Nova and AP Services. We believe this combination will be a powerful force in the nuclear and fossil power generation industries.

As a service brand of Curtiss-Wright, Nova and AP Services have been supplying ASME Code, safety-related and quality critical fasteners, precision-machined components and fluid sealing solutions to the nuclear and fossil power generation, Department of Energy, Nuclear Navy and petro-chemical industries for over 30 years. The Nova/AP Services team has been energized by the addition of the Valley Forge product line and the expectation they will be solving problems in our customers’ most demanding applications.

For more information or discuss what this means for your bolting application, please reach out to our sales team anytime at

To learn more about Curtiss-Wright please visit their website at

City of Phoenix’s very own local news channel, PHXTV, is running a television segment, Made In Phoenix, showcasing local manufacturing companies in the Valley. We were very fortunate to be asked to be the first company featured. Our Chief Executive Officer, Michele Clarke, shares with the News Reporter the Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. history, growth and the need for more skilled manufacturing employees. There is a hiring surge in the manufacturing industry. Check out our careers page or submit your resume to Come work for one of the most rewarding industries, manufacturing. That’s not all – you’ll be working for the most innovative bolting companies around.


Every year manufacturers across the country celebrate Manufacturing Month. On Friday, October 5th, Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co.  celebrated MFG Day as we welcomed students, teachers and the public into our bolt-making facility to showcase modern manufacturing technology and the lucrative careers this industry has to offer. Each group received an in-depth tour of engineering, advanced ERP System, large hot-headed forging, heat treat, roll threading, CNC machining and Load Verifying Technology departments.

As part of celebrating Manufacturing Month, Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. was featured on Fox 10 News in their MADE IN ARIZONA segment by reporter Christina Carilla. Watch the interview with our Chief Operating Officer, Bret Halley.





James Brooks joined Valley Forge earlier this year and has moved to Phoenix to head up our Engineering and Business Development areas.  An Engineering graduate from London U.K., James has lived and worked in the USA since 1995.  His expertise is in being solutions oriented leading companies in Aerospace, Powergen, Defense and Fastening, with over 10 years of experience in the critical bolting segment, working in operations, business development and global strategy.  We at Valley Forge are excited to have James on the team.

We recently spent some time with James and asked some important questions:


Why Valley Forge?

James: I have an opportunity to be a part of a company that is first in its field and is constantly innovating… that’s my kind of company, after all, who wants to follow when you can lead?

Valley Forge has reputation for service, quality and successful problem solving. It’s rare to find a fastener company with these qualities, coupled with in-house forging, heat treating and great vertical integration.


What is your plan?

James: The critical bolting world is changing.  For many years I have been involved heavily in educating several industries – in order to bring greater awareness to the benefits in safety, accuracy, reliability and maintainability through the adoption of bolted joint tension based tightening methods [versus torque].

Our future, and frankly our “today” in Engineering involves the support of existing Valley Forge technologies and the development of new products which continue to provide many industries with access to products which provide tension-based bolting advantages.

We have thousands of tension verifying bolts now installed worldwide, many of which are now coupled with our new generation of WiFi enabled remote tension sensors.

Significant efforts are being directed towards the expansion of our wireless bolt monitoring devices. We are working with a variety of wireless and internet communication technologies: all of which will provide an ability for bolted joints to be remotely monitored.


What Will Valley Forge Engineering look like going forward?”

James: Since the beginning of the year, we invested in growing our Engineering and Research Group.  With additional Electrical and Mechanical Bolting Specialists who are not only trained in design, but also problem solving. Our Engineers can help both from our Phoenix HQ and in the field. We will also have platforms on additional strategic international locations.

We are happy to announce that James Brooks has joined Valley Forge as Director of Engineering and New Business Development.

James is an engineering graduate from the University of London (UK) and brings significant experience in the field of specialty engineered fastening solutions.  This includes direction of a large Swedish/US specialty fastener company.  In addition, he has significant experience in the development and execution of global strategies along with a long list of sales growth. We are excited that James will soon be moving to Phoenix, Arizona to our US Corporate Headquarters.

James adds, “[He is] delighted to be joining the team at VFB.  Timing is great as Valley Forge has the proven capabilities to innovate and support the next generation of fasteners.  Their bolted joint monitoring solutions are being increasingly sought after in many industrial market segments.”

The month of October celebrates Manufacturing Month.  On Friday, October 6th, we celebrated MFG Day at Valley Forge.  We welcomed a variety of students and the public into the shop and had two tours of the facility.  Each group toured the VF shop and had the opportunity to explore and get an in depth view of our advanced ERP System, engineering, drafting and design, large hot-headed forging, heat treat, roll threading, CNC machining and Load Indicating Technology.  We also received a special visit from Todd Boppell, the COO of NAM (National Association of Manufacturers).  Todd helped us to communicate the reason for MFG Day across America, to help dispel the stigma of working in manufacturing.

ABC15 News reporter John Genovese stopped by, filmed one tour and did some great interviews in the shop.  VFB made the news program on Monday, October 9 with the story below.


By: John Genovese

PHOENIX – A Valley business is hoping to inspire the next generation of manufacturing workers.

“You can learn other skills and still be a valuable member of the community without having a college degree,” said Michele Clarke, CEO of Valley Forge & Bolt.

The company, which employs around 80 people and produces industrial fasteners that are shipped around the world, has been in the Phoenix-area since the 1970s.

“We make a quality product, and we stand by our product,” Clarke said.

Valley Forge is among thousands of manufacturing companies across the country offering tours this month to lure students and young people to the profession.

The National Association of Manufacturers estimates there are 500,000 open manufacturing positions in the U.S. By 2025; they anticipate an additional 3.5-million jobs will be available.

“Two-million of those are going to be unfilled if we don’t do something about the current skills gap that we have,” said NAM COO Todd Boppell.

Jose Molina, a student, was among those taking part in a tour at Valley Forge.

“There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye,” he said.

Clarke told ABC15 the business is now as much about technology as it is manual labor.
“The innovation that this country was created with can’t be lost,” she said.

Reprint courtesy of ABC15.  See more here.