Pittsburgh |


AISTech 2016, steel’s premier annual technology event for 2016, took place 16–19 May at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The exposition was the largest yet with a total of 542 exhibiting companies. Key producers, suppliers, corporate executives, leaders, and academia gathered to exchange technical information, connect with others in their field, and see new process or product technologies. Look for a complete review of AISTech 2016 in the August issue of Iron & Steel Technology.

  • Total Attendance: 7,764
  • Student Attendees: 185
  • Total Exhibiting Space: 96,800 sq. ft
  • Exhibiting Companies: 542
  • Technical Sessions: 105
  • Technical Presentations: 471
  • Brimacombe Memorial Lecture Attendees: 300
  • President’s Award Breakfast Attendees: 1,011
  • Town Hall Forum Attendees: 1,100
  • Countries Represented: 45

Valley Forge & Bolt, in association with Maintenance Reliability Solutions Inc., exhibited our patented load indicating fastening systems for the second year. The Maxbolt™, SPC4™, and Ball Lock™ designs were big hits with everyone from engineers, to maintenance, and safety groups. Since last years’ formal introduction of load indicating technology to the industry, we were able to share details and data from numerous installation successes over the past year.

We look forward to presenting a technical presentation on Bolting at the AIST Maintenance & Reliability Conference in Scottsdale, AZ on November 6-9th.

Houston, TX |


For decades, Valley Forge has exhibited and attending the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, and this year was no different.  OTC boasts as the largest oil and gas conference in the world and never disappoints.

Although the industry has seen some downturn recently, the show still proved to be a valid avenue to reach other industrial personal and to spread the load indicating technology.  We were able to make contact with many leads that we hope to provide bolting solutions for in the future.





Aberdeen, UK |


During April, the 21st International Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference 2016 was held in Aberdeen where 18 nations were represented by a total of 190 delegates, which in the current Oil and Gas market is a success the Conference Committee and Organizers deserve a lot of credit and thanks for.

Valley Forge was represented for the second year running by Bill and Barry – our third participation in this annual event, which we feel was our best yet,  helping enormously in cementing our strengthening market position after the Business Development and growth since our first attendance in 2014.

The three day event was outstanding opportunity for us to continue building relationships within the Oil and Gas Lifting and Handling community worldwide, by discussing existing and new applications, which has already resulted in new opportunities with new and current customers.

Valley Forge & Bolt are committed to attending next year at the 22nd ‘North Sea Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference’ in Stavanger in April 2017 where Bill and Barry look forward to seeing everyone in Norway.





Phoenix, AZ |

The SME Conference was held in Phoenix this year, much to our enjoyment! Because it was in Phoenix and not far from the office, we took it as an opportunity for some of the VFB staff to see a conference that haven’t before. The last week in February we got the chance to interact with many of our existing customers in our home town and meet plenty of new ones. This is a very looked forward to conference and one that we have been a part of for decades. Although mining may be down, we look forward to up and coming new opportunities.

San Diego, CA |

FMMS-2015-2Jay Palmer and Jeff Blankenship were in San Diego at the Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium 2015 presented by the American Society Naval Engineers.

They had numerous demo flanges to give demonstrations on the SPC4™ Wireless Model that is now in testing.  In addition they took a beautiful Maxbolt™ Knowledge that was recently created with a high visibility indicator, capable of being seen at great distances.  As per usual, they also had samples of the original Maxbolt™, SPC4™, Ball Lock Washers and so much more!!

This annual event is targeted at US Navy fleet personnel and suppliers. Attended by Port Engineers, Admirals, and Tech Warrant Officers alike, the theme of the event and focus of vendors is on improving reliability and reducing cost and repair. From General Dynamics to Superbolt, and complete ships to pumps, adhesives, and engineering services, all topics relate to reduced cost and more reliability.

We were very well received by everyone who witnessed our demo and products. Most had never seen such technology and embraced it with positive feedback.

Elko, NV |

VFB Elko2015-2The 30th Anniversary of the Elko Mining Expo was held in beautiful Elko, Nevada the first week of June. While we saw a smaller attendance level than in past years, we were happy to attend and support the industry at our booth with ME Elecmetal.