Our very own Ron Clarke has received the distinguished honor of being recognized by the Industrial Fasteners Institute for the Soaring Eagle Technology Award for 2017.  He received his award at the latest IFI meeting in March.  Upon acceptance, Ron of course commended the entire team at Valley Forge for receiving this award, “It takes a team to receive this sort of recognition.  This award is for the entire company.”

We are extremely proud of our fearless leader for being such an innovator in the industry for over 4 decades.

“The IFI Soaring Eagle Technology Award recognizes individuals who have extensive experience in the industrial fastener industry who have made significant contributions to the technological advancement of the fastener industry.  Contributions may be through extensive work on fastener standards committees, the publication of widely acclaimed principles or documents and/or through the development of fastener related equipment products, or processes which have been widely acknowledged as advancements in fastener technology.”

As taken from www.indfast.org


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2015: Edition III (click to read)

The Future of Fasteners is Loaded
Anecdotes from the President
SPC4™ Application: Protorq – Chile
The Latest at VFB 

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2015: Edition II (click to read)

Byron Harrod, CFO  |  Michele Clarke, CEO  |  Ron Clark, President  |  Bret Halley, COO

VF-Newsletter-WelcomeWelcome to the first edition of the Valley Forge newsletter, “Live Load”. We chose this name for the passion we have in load indicating fasteners and to represent the constant load information that can be captured on all fastener products Valley Forge & Bolt supplies, from our patented Maxbolts™ to the Clarkester™ system built to test for application loading with standard bolts.We plan for this to be our outlet to bring you interesting articles about load indicating fastener applications , technical updates on fasteners, upcoming events at Valley Forge and new developments in our Load Indicating Fasteners.

In 1974, Ron Clarke started Valley Forge & Bolt to service the mining industry. Through the years we have listened to our customers and what they have needed to make their bolted joint applications less problematic. In this way we have developed many patents which have become standard in industry.

Listening to the customer is one of our most important precepts. We focus on customer needs, their problems needing to be solved in bolting, and supply them with the best quality American made fastener. Throughout this time, we have been a small family owned business with Philomena Clarke running the sales department and Ron Clarke running engineering and production.

Now 40 years later, our second generation of bolt manufacturers is expanding operations and growing markets. We still have the same purpose: listen to the customer, find out what they need and supply them with the best. We have assembled a team of bolting professionals at Valley Forge with the same family ideals that Ron and Philomena instilled. In the months to come we will share information from many of these individuals and interesting application solutions. We hope you find this newsletter interesting and useful as you get to know Valley Forge and our capabilities.