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Valley Forge & Bolt Launches Android Application Accessory for SPC4® Load Verifying System

As seen in BIC Magazine The Electronics Engineering team at Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg.… Read more.

Developments for Milling Bolting Applications | minEXPO 2021

Explore a scaled, 3D animated ball mill rendering of our latest developments in milling bolting… Read more.


Why ASTM-Complying Fasteners Are Important For Critical Joints Industry is ruled by standards, overseen by… Read more.

Valley Forge & Bolt Introduces SPC4™ 406A Handheld Meter

Phoenix, AZ—Valley Forge & Bolt, a domestic manufacturer of patented bolting products for critical applications,… Read more.

Valley Forge & Bolt Introduces High Temp Maxbolt®

Up to 650° F for extended run time and thermal cycling Valley Forge & Bolt,… Read more.

Valley Forge & Bolt Introduces the UHF Band RTM™ Meter for Wireless Monitoring of Tension in Critical Joints

Web-based clamp load sensor is IoT-compatible   Phoenix—Dec. 4, 2020—Maintenance engineers in critical environments charged… Read more.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

As the world continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, Valley Forge would like to… Read more.

Valley Forge & Bolt Introduces Rick Bailey as Chief Metallurgist

A career spanning four decades brings vast knowledge and experience Valley Forge & Bolt, manufacturer… Read more.

Valley Forge Brings Controlled Bolting Benefits to Bolted-Joint Service Life

Load-indicating fasteners measure tension directly, and not just at installation Critical joints require controlled bolting… Read more.

SPC4 Load-Indicating Technology: The Most Accurate Method of Measuring Bolted Joint Tension

Proprietary technology interprets clamp load within bolts, provides remote monitoring capability Knowing the tension of… Read more.

Maxbolt™ Revolutionizes Clamp Load Monitoring

Built-in load monitoring device helps reduce downtime, premature wear, and catastrophic joint failures  Bolts and fasteners… Read more.

Controlled Bolting: Changes are Taking Place

Written by Valley Forge’s James Brooks Controlled bolting has for many years been associated with… Read more.

A “Joint” Venture and a Game Changer

Published courtesy of Torq-Comm International Inc. Whichever way you tighten a bolt, be it with… Read more.


Even though the use of a VF Maxbolt or SCP-4 provides the most accurate indication… Read more.

VF Announces New Partnership with Curtiss-Wright

Valley Forge is proud to announce that we have partnered with Curtiss-Wright to bring our… Read more.

Made In Phoenix Featuring CEO Michele Clarke

City of Phoenix’s very own local news channel, PHXTV, is running a television segment, Made… Read more.

James Brooks | Interview

James Brooks joined Valley Forge earlier this year and has moved to Phoenix to head… Read more.

Valley Forge Welcomes New Director

We are happy to announce that James Brooks has joined Valley Forge as Director of… Read more.

Partners in Precision

Reprint Courtesy of Forging Magazine There is plenty of attention paid to the high-precision designs… Read more.

Military Shock Testing Success!

Valley Forge is very proud to announce that our Load Indicating Fasteners have passed Military… Read more.

Company Profile: Wind Systems Magazine

Valley Forge & Bolt’s load indicating fastener could help the wind industry lower its O&M… Read more.

Learning from the Maxbolt Crosstalk Video

Our Maxbolt™ crosstalk video demonstrates the interactions which occur between fasteners in a typical flanged… Read more.

Ron Clarke: IFI Soaring Eagle Technology Award

Our very own Ron Clarke has received the distinguished honor of being recognized by the… Read more.

VF’s European Outlet: Hedgerow Consulting

Hedgerow Consulting is a British company representing Valley Forge & Bolt in Europe with Barry… Read more.

Heat Treat Addition

Valley Forge Bolt & Manufacturing has added some additional heat treating capacity! The Heat Treating… Read more.

Fastener Crosstalk with the Maxbolt

Fastener Crosstalk is the phenomenon where as fasteners are tensioned, they affect the load on other… Read more.

The Sealing Mill Liner Bolt

by Rusty Flocken, Mechanical Engineer Valley Forge has recently developed a liner bolt innovation to… Read more.

The Miniature Maxbolt™

by Rusty Flocken, Mechanical Engineer For over a decade, Valley Forge has offered Maxbolt™ load… Read more.

Revolutionizing Bolted Joints With New Wireless Load Monitoring SPC4™

As Published In The January 2016 Issue of Wind Systems | Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg.… Read more.

A New Wrinkle in the Washer

Reprint Courtesy of Mechanical Engineering Magazine | by Edward Hayman | Three little balls eliminate the need… Read more.

Heat Treatment Settled into Full Production

Our newly installed “Heat Treat” department has settled into full production mode. Forecasted production schedules… Read more.

Expediting Bolted Joint Maintenance

As Published in the April 2015 Issue of Wind Systems | By Rusty Flocken | In… Read more.

Ron Clarke: A Career Spanning 67 Years, Two Continents

Reprint Courtesy of The American Fastener Journal | By Rix Quinn | The year is 1947. The… Read more.

The Benefits of Load Indicating Fasteners

Reprint Courtesy of American Fastener Journal | By Rusty Flocken | The process cycle of fasteners… Read more.

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