Gasketed Pipe Flange


Theodore, Alabama, USA


Recurring leaks from a problem flange. The flange was frequently repaired, only to begin leaking again within 2 weeks. Fugitive Emissions from recurring flange leaks.


¾-10 x 7-1/2” Maxbolt™ B7 Studs


In October of 2016 the Maxbolts were installed. The unit was placed into service for 48 hours then shutdown for inspection. The Maxbolts displayed the residual clamp load which was dramatically lower than the installed load. The studs were then retightened to the original tension.


After proper installation and retensioning the flange has been in operation for 1 year with no recurrence of leakage.


With the correct fastener for the application, made the right way, we can find a solution for even the most chronic leak. Those same fasteners can indeed withstand the test of time if the product and installation are done correctly.

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